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You Can Effectively Lead Others,
When You Are Truly In Alignment with Yourself

Meet Iris

What I do:

I work closely and personally with CEOs, Executives and Higher Management who require and DESIRE help overcoming emotional, personal or relational challenges in leadership and/or personal growth, to allow them and their organisations to perform at their peak.

Why CEO’s seek me:

Newly transformed CEOs will create or experience vast improvements across their organisations, as well as their personal relationships and lives. A happy, focused and fully energised CEO is a highly productive Leader.

How I do it:

My proven “Inside-Out” process FREES CEOs from their most distracting, disruptive or demoralising burdens.

Who I work with:

I work independently, as well as with other consultancies as a value-add, brand-enhancing asset.

Work Internationally:

I am Swiss and married with a Dutchman, living in the Netherlands. I work across Europe and globally, in person or via Skype. My languages are: English, German, Swiss German, French and Dutch.

Qualified – Experienced – Effective

Although I work on a personal level with CEOs and Senior Executives, I also possess in-depth professional experience and expertise in banking, finance, IT, Telecom, health care, manufacturing and retail trade, including experience as:

  • Corporate Vice Director (Market research in IT, Telecom, Finance, Pharma)
  • Business Economist (International degree)

My Education and Training credentials include:

  • Master license for Profilingvalues (2014)
  • CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in BGM Corporate Health Management (2012)
  • Trainer – dvct certification German Association for Coaching & Training (2012)
  • Trainer for behavioural training, business constellation, facilitation of workshops / conflicts, change management (2011/2012)
  • Systemic Business Coach with dvct certification German Association for Coaching & Training (2011)
  • Conscious Coach (2009)
  • Accredited Journey Practitioner (2007)
  • Basic study in psychology for vocational and career counselling (2002)
  • Business Economist FH (1993)

Stuck? Discouraged? Demoralized? Overwhelmed?



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