Iris Patricia Furer

Business Economist / Emotion Coach

CEO Transformation Partner

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Iris Patricia Furer

I am Swiss and married with an amazing Dutchman,

living in the Netherlands and I work across Europe and globally, in person or via Skype.

My languages are: English, German, Swiss German, French and Dutch.

What I bring to the table

More than 12 years of working experience as a Personal Growth and
Leadership Transformation Specialist

In-depth professional experience and expertise in banking, finance, IT, Telecom, health care,

manufacturing and retail trade

including experience as Corporate Vice Director

(Market research in IT, Telecom, Finance, Pharma)

Business Economist (International degree)

My education and credentials include:

Journey Life Transformation Coach, 

Master license for Profilingvalues, 

CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in BGM Corporate Health Management,

Certified Trainer for behavioural training, business constellation, facilitation of workshops / conflicts, change management,

Certified Systemic Business Coach and Conscious Coach, 

Accredited Journey Practitioner, 

Basic study in psychology for vocational and career counselling,

Business Economist FH.


CEO Transformation Facilitator, Coach & Confidante
Regional & Global

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*let there be light, love and truth - deus dabit vela*

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